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Bon Moment

New Orleans

Walking Food Tours & Bar Crawls

for the Culinarily & Culturally Curious

Born and raised in New Orleans, I started Bon Moment (French for "good time") to support local businesses and share our unique stories through world-class hospitality, food and drinks. My tours deliver the best flavors of New Orleans, while providing an authentic and intimate look at our history and culture that only a local can provide. If you want to get to know New Orleans, I'm your guide - if it's your first visit to New Orleans or your 100th, I guarantee a Bon Moment ("good time")!

Give Them a Memorable Experience!
Purchase a giftcard to one of our New Orleans walking food tours or bar crawls.

  • $95 for Food & Drinks/Adults (incl. alcoholic drinks)

  • $75 for Food Only/Child (incl. non-alcoholic drinks)

  • All tour prices also include tax & tip for each stop

These are great gifts for:

  • Local foodies to try new things & have a fun time exploring their own city!

  • Friends and family traveling to New Orleans for honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties- help take the pressure out of planning their trip!

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