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Ultimate Eating NOLA Guide

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

For a look into the best local food with a side of history, or a night out with live music and drinks, book a Bon Moment walking tour!

Why reinvent the wheel when Eater has done such a good job rounding up an exhaustive list of some of the best eats in town. Updated for 2023, follow your nose & remember, we in New Orleans discuss what's for dinner over lunch so don't waste any calories on less than stellar meals while you're here! Eater's Guide to New Orleans.

Additional shout-outs from your Bon Moment guide:

  • Late night eats in the Quarter: Verti Mart or NOLA Poboys. FYI- those Willie's chicken places all over the Quarter are trash food owned by a trash family, avoid them.

  • A nice dinner inside the Quarter: Jewel of the South (& historic cocktails) or new spot Miss River

  • A nice dinner outside the Quarter: Gris Gris for modern Creole (same chef as St John if you couldn't get a reservation to that new hot spot)

  • Brunch in the Quarter: Palm & Pine

  • Brunch near the Quarter: Bearcat (CBD location), Horn's or Birdy's

  • Seafood in the Quarter: GW Fins or Drago's

  • Seafood outside the Quarter: Basin Seafood & Spirits (Mon. oyster happy hour)

  • You'll love this place near the Quarter: Lil' Dizzy's for Creole soul food, get there at 11am when they open

  • You'll love this place outside the Quarter: Atchafalaya for brunch, dinner or for the ultimate cocktail lover's happy hour (Thurs-Sun 3-5:30pm). Just go!

  • A taste of Cajun in NOLA: in the CBD near the Quarter is Cochon Butcher, but Bouree or Boucherie is worth the $1.25 streetcar ride to the other end of Uptown!

  • Other:

    • order the cafe au lait whenever at a coffee shop- PJs & CCs are crap coffee. French Truck, Mojo and small independent coffee shops are far superior!

    • Cafe Beignet or Loretta's beignets, not Cafe du Monde

    • go to Saba instead of Shaya

    • La Petite Grocery is over-rated

    • your last night in town, trek out to Bacchanal in the early evening, before sunset, for wine & music- can be romantic or to catch up on convo with friends

  • Breweries: Urban South, Brieux Carre, Courtyard, NOLA, Miel, Parleaux and Zony Mash. Also, definitely hit up Happy Raptor for a rum distillery tour!

  • Be sure to check out my recs in my other post for groups outings!

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