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Why "Not N'awlins", Baby?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

There's an exhausting SNL skit that makes the rounds locally on social media in New Orleans. James McAvoy and Heidi Gardner poke fun at something every person who has traveled to an amazing destination is guilty of- romanticizing their trip and trying to bring a little bit back home. You know: the cousin who visited Italy on summer vacation and says "ciao" for a month after returning, the couple who took a trip to the Caribbean and can't shut up about how much more relaxed the island life is despite the fact the only locals they met worked in their resort... The joke of the skit is that this couple, who just returned from New Orleans are "those people"- they harp on about the relaxed, laissez-faire attitude while it becomes clear to the table that the rubes were relieved of all their possessions in an "alley" during what they wanted to believe was a Voodoo ceremony. But the best part is Kenan Thompson, repeatedly telling them he's FROM New Orleans, lived there for years, and their story is bullshit, while they completely ignore him. Locally, we feel you, Kenan, so the blog name is a snarky little take on how to keep visitors from becoming "those people" while still loving our city. And to keep you from getting robbed in an "alley" off Bourbon St.

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